At Loop we strive for the best possible fit in your jeans.  On occasion, this may require some alterations. When you purchase your jeans from us, the first alteration (hemming or waist adjustment) is free.

Most of our jeans are 34" or longer, therefore, hemming is typically needed. When we hem our jeans, we do it properly by salvaging the original hem. We take off the hem, remove what's neccessary, then put the hem back on.

Common for men and women, is gaping in the back at the waistband. We can take any of your jeans in at the waist band, up to 2.5", without effecting the fit.

Bringing jeans back from the dead is one of our specialties. When you've ripped your favorites from eccessive wear, bring them in and we can patch them.

Ask us for more details.

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