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AGL is the premium contemporary brand, made by women for women, merged with the heart of Italian mastery and hand craftsmanship. Since 1958 AGL was created in the Italian region of Marche. Thanks to the efforts of Piero Giusti, the company founder, the first of three generations, AGL was established and continues to thrive as a family-owned company.  The brand reputation and worldwide distribution expanded further with the input of the Giusti sisters – Sara, Vera, and Marianna – the third generation currently at the helm of what they consider the family jewel. This womanly third generation of AGL ensures a unique style with the unmatched quality for every surprising moment in a woman’s life. AGL shoes are always effortless chic and definitely cool, AGL is perfect for those down-to-earth and dynamic women, who dare to take the initiative of their daily choices.

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